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notified body medical deviceLNE/G-MED is committed to providing Medical Device manufacturers with the knowledge and tools to create the Regulatory and Technical solutions they need to ensure Quality, Expertise, Speed and Innovation during their certification .

The synergy between our American and European-based pool of Experts allow us to guide you to efficient solutions to your Domestic and International regulatory and Technical challenges.

With over 11 local offices, LNE/G-MED offers its expertise and services to help you maintain control and compliance with the regulations affecting your products.

Over a Century of Excellence

LNE site in FranceG-MED North America is the North American subsidiary of the Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d'Essais or National Metrology and Testing Laboratory, LNE, the leading French Certification Body. In operation since 1901, the Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d'Essais is ensure as a state own body a dual mission of general interest to protect citizens and consumers and provide services to businesses.

We are committee to excellence in measurement and testing, and thrive for progress in quality and safety matters for the benefit of industry and consumers alike.

Hundreds of Experts Involved in Standardization Committees

LNE is France’s leading Notified Body and the only one with a role in developing standards.
Companies, governments, and NGOs have trusted LNE and its expertise for over 100 years. As it carries on its original role as the metrology and standardization laboratory for France, LNE shares its expertise in standard development and R&D with standards organizations such as AFNOR, CEN, and NIST.

A Multidisciplinary Organization

Our core businesses is combined to provide answers to the great challenges of the industries.

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By developing new measurement techniques and methods and applying them via appropriate standards in all spheres of daily life, we play a key role in promoting a more competitive economy and a safer society. This core activity covers five key spheres above and addresses the five major priorities: safety and health, environmental impact, performance, product reliability, and cost control.

G-MED North America provides local businesses in North and South America with access to a portfolio of services for numerous areas. Applying our multidisciplinary technical expertise, we provide companies and government agencies for:
Healthcare, Instrumentation Construction products, Industry, Energy, Transport, Consumer products, Public Authorities, Defense.

A Single-Source Provider to Serve You

With wide range of certification services, we are committed to helping you understand the critical steps to consider and ensure your device complies with the regulatory requirements from an early stage:

>  Give you the tools for maintaining compliance

>  Test and Inspect at various stages of Production and Manufacture

>  Provide Regulatory and Technical assistance.

LNE/G-MED is a single-source provider of Voluntary and Regulatory certifications and offer complete certification package to save you the time and cost of multiple audits. Our full range of Technical Conformity services allows a conveniently located team of Technical Experts, Auditors and Certification Project Managers, and makes us one of the leading European Notified Body.

Contact LNE/G-MED

Companies can now call upon the LNE/G-MED team to carry out testing in one of Europe’s largest Testing facilities and confirm compliance with our delivered Testing reports,

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We serve your passion for progress in the Medical Device (MD) and In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) industry from the United States


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Due to rapid growth in North America, we're seeking Lead Auditors and Certification Project Managers responsible for medical device manufacturing clients.

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