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Transition to ISO13485:2016

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  • Released: 08/30/2017
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The transition to the 2016 version


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Florianne Torset Bonfilou

Florianne Torset-Bonfillou is the Director of Regulatory , Education and Quality at LNE/G-MED North America. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Burgundy and her Master’s Degree in Chemistry from University of Paris 12. She holds a professional certificate in Quality, Safety and Environmental Management. Prior to joining LNE/G-MED, Florianne worked in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry as a Quality Assurance Project Manager.  At LNE/G-MED, Florianne is a Senior Design Dossier Reviewer and Lead auditor. She is also a trainer on the European Regulation, Quality Management, Risk Management, and other regulatory and quality topics.

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Name Level Release Date
Transition to ISO13485:2016 08/30/2017
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The transition to the 2016 version

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