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ISO 27001- Information security management

ISO 27001 Information security managementISO 27001 is an international standard system for the management of information security intended for this purpose. ISO 27001 is an international standard describing the requirements to implement an ISMS. For a given scope it is intended to select the security measures assuring the protection of company sensitive properties.

Getting certified according to the ISO 27001 standard is a guarantee for your customers, shareholders, and partners, regulators that the security of your information systems has been fully taken into account and your organization is engaged in a continuous improvement process. In addition to the recognition of the quality system compliance, the certification also confirms your staff skills and expertise in the protection of critical information.

Did you know?

ISO 27001 is a system considering information security in its broad sense, not just the IT level, but also information in all its forms (printed documents, verbal information, etc...) and the rules to access them. As a preferred support, electronic information certainly occupies a very important part, but reducing strictly the ISMS to its computer side would be wrong.

Who is concerned by the ISO 27001 certification?

It is open to all types of organizations such as consulting firms, defense industry manufacturers, and industry in general, companies hosting or processing client’s data or patients data, NGOs, governmental or financial service institutions, insurers, etc.

Company benefits

ISO 27001 Certification allows to:

  • Benefit from a high level of information security in your organization and reduce risk.
  • Standing out from the competition with a strengthened and documented confidence criterion.
  • Increase your security information performance, optimize costs through better control of internal processes and enhance your staff skills.
  • Adopt and promote good security practices.
  • Improve by increasing the reliability of your organization.
  • Optimize and justify security budgets with your senior management or shareholders.
  • Build company stakeholders confidence

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