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LNE, a Driver for Competitiveness and SafetyLNE corporate ce notified body

Our business is to create references and measurement methods in all technical fields (energy, environment, electricity, safety, chemistry, mechanics, statistics, quality management systems, etc.).

Our objective: to provide our customers with benchmarks and reliable results and to enable them to implement their own strategies.

Our method: to mobilise the human and technical resources required to find appropriate solutions for the various requirements of our five business divisions (research and transfer, technical support, testing and calibration, certification, training and information)...

LNE/G-MED Medical HealthLNE G-MED medical device, your certification notified body

LNE/G-MED's Medical-Health teams provide support and a personalized response to many actors intending to increase international growth and reduce time-to-market while complying with European and international regulations.

As medical devices become more sophisticated, their regulatory compliance strategy must also evolve to solve the challenges.

From our offices in the United States and France, we can certify your quality management system and products for Europe and other international juridictions, helping you benefit from our accreditations and regulatory recognition...


Combo Training ISO13485 MDSAP


We serve your passion for progress in the Medical Device (MD) and In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) industry from the United States


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clientsWe're Hiring!

Due to rapid growth in North America, we're seeking Lead Auditors and Certification Project Managers responsible for medical device manufacturing clients.

Training LNE G MED

Combo Training ISO13485 MDSAP

Transition to ISO 13485:2016

& The fundamentals of the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) for Medical Device Manufacturers

2 days course 

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